Simply said- sustainable wood comes from a well managed forest. Promoting healthy environment by continuously regrowing trees and responsibly harvesting timber, ensuring there is no damage to the surroundings.

Sustainable forest means that the forest should still be there for our grandchildren and great grand-kids, and be able to soak up carbon emissions and keep our air clean for generations to come, as well as a being haven for wildlife.

Sourcing materials responsibly is crucial for the health of our planet.

The importance of forests is immense. Besides providing habitats for animals and livelihoods for humans, forests also offer watershed protection and prevent soil erosion.

Absorbing harmful greenhouse gasses that produce climate change and providing habitat to more than half of the world’s land-based species.

Did you know that wood is the one of the most sustainable, eco friendly and environmentally favourable construction materials available?

And the best part about using wood as a material is that every part of the tree can be used – there doesn’t have to be any waste.

I personally love to make Live Edge furniture as that means I don’t have to cut much off the slab, meaning there is hardly any waste.

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