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I have a wide selection of European hardwoods in my workshop and storage, mainly working with Oak, Ash, European and Black Walnut. They all have such different characteristics- from colour to thickness etc. Depending of clients wishes, we choose the material together, the size of the table and what kind of legs are best (wood or metal). 

I generally have a vision in my mind as soon as a client describes their wish for a bespoke table. It’s all very personal and no two tables are the same. Ranging from small coffee tables to elegant large dining table as well as chunky live edge exterior tables.

I specialise in working with epoxy resin- it’s a liquid material, that hardens, looking like glass but almost impossible to break. This can be clear (glass effect) or any colour desired and is becoming more popular in the carpentry world and allows to make very unique custom furniture. I use only the best quality finishes for my pieces- using oils that are completely natural (eco) and food friendly, with no added chemicals. 

It’s very important for me not to waste much wood. By making Live Edge Furniture, as well as using pieces of wood slabs that might have holes in them or are somewhat damaged. With epoxy resin we can actually bring out the true beauty of it and make unique pieces of furniture like you can see on this table.

Fitted Walk In Wardrobes  |  Bespoke Staircases   |   Custom Made Vanity Units

Custom Made Storage Spaces   |   Bespoke Side Boards   |   & More!

Visit our gallery and project page to see the full range of work we have done.

Fitted Walk In Wardrobes

Bespoke Staircases

Custom Made Vanity Units

Custom Made Storage Spaces

Bespoke Side Boards & More!


Visit our gallery and project page to see the full range of work we have done.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to finish a product?

Depending of what exactly the piece is.
For example an epoxy river table will be tale around 1 month to finish, to allow drying time.
A table without the river in the middle will take about 2-3 weeks.

What’s your pricing

There isn’t an exact price as with custom furniture every piece is different, depending on the size, material and detail.
Please get in touch if you have anything in mind and I will be able to say a rough idea of the price.


Do You Deliver?

Yes, within the Marbella area.
Further areas can be arranged for extra cost.

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