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A Special Relationship With Italy

About Our Italian Saw Mill

Having worked for many years here in Spain I was never able to find exactly what I wanted for the custom furniture I had in mind. So, I took it on myself to look abroad and find a perfect material. After going to various countries, I finally found the best sawmill for me. It happened to be in the North of Italy. As soon as I went there, I knew it was the one!

 This sawmill has an amazing array of European hardwoods, both live and square edged.

And very important for me- they all are sustainable, meaning for every tree cut down, 10 more are planted.

 I visit them twice a year and I’ve been able to hand pick the exact wood slabs to suit my bespoke furniture.

 After the first visit I shortly after received a delivery of 25 tonnes of wood and I am pleased to now have everything I need as well as being able to offer materials to others too.


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